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Investor Executive Document Preparation

We will work with you to make sure your investor executive documents are complete and include:

  • Documents with must haves for investors to make a decision.

  • PowerPoint presentation (limited to 12 pages).

  • Listing of key team members, board members and advisory team.

  • Listing of external professional team (accountants, attorneys)

  • Summary of financial projections, list of assumptions, valuation (and assumptions), cap table, use of proceeds.

Business Plan Consulting


We can advise and assist you or help write your business plan or executive summary.

Fractional Execution and Management


Your team is important to funding sources, to insure your team is outstanding in all areas we can introduce you to vetted and exceptional:

  • CFO Services

  • CMO Services

  • COO Services

Strategic Planning


We will review your strategic plan with details for what to update, clarify, add and/or delete.  This is something that starts with you, and we will advise and assist with updates.

Strategic Marketing

This is a critical part of the package.  Marketing (generating sales) is often not specific in a company’s plan.

  • Planning, Vision Casting and Core Values

  • Presentations (10 slide summary)

  • Strategic Positioning, Differentiating, and Creating a Client Experience

  • Internal Engagement, Organizational Capabilities – Culture

  • Sales, Distribution and Customer Service

  • Market/Marketing Research

  • PR and Social Media

  • Promotion, Packaging, Advertising, Digital and Direct Marketing, Video

  • Data Creation and Mining

  • Merchandising – promoting what you have done for internal/external clients.

  • Brand, Products/Services and Pricing

We are a professional team of experienced consultants who will work closely with your organization to review and help identify and define your business strategy, opportunities, challenges, and competition to prepare you for both growth and understanding your capital needs — thus helping prepare you to pitch investors.  Jazz will collaborate with your leadership to guide you to potential business and marketing solutions and implementation processes that will drive successful growth and profitability.

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