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Your Company Packaged, Presented and Ready for Funding


Whether your company is a start-up, early-stage development or emerging growth, we know you have toiled hard to create your business and want to fund its growth and expansion.

Money is tight, but when your company is presented properly to the right investment sources, funds are attainable.  And yes, funding is difficult right now.  Yet, investors of all kinds are overwhelmed with 'pitches and asks' from countless entrepreneurs and organizations with great ideas.  They are easily put off by wrong or conflicting information in the process.  When this happens, they're likely to move on to the next opportunity and pass on yours.  

Jazz Ventures, LLC helps position companies correctly.  After getting to know you and understanding your goals, we'll do a detailed review of your documents and materials.  We provide feedback, suggestions, and questions our funders want to know in advance of approaching them.  We help you hone, and prepare your documentation based on investor expectations. and then introduce your company to the right funding sources.

We understand investor-speak and our worldwide funding network relies on us to make sure our clients are viable, prepared and presented in a clear, concise way.  

While our focus in the past has been working with companies in healthcare, life sciences, new technologies, manufacturing, and environmentally focused opportunities — we remain industry agnostic. 



We identify, coach and consult with companies that are seeking investment, which can come from debt or equity sources — or even grant programs. Some of our services: 

  • Investor Planning / Prep

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Introduction Planning

  • Team Assessment and Preparation

  • Creating concise and consistent documents with must haves for investors to start making decisions.

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Business Plan Consulting

  • Execution and Management (if your team is lacking a discipline, we have Fractional Sources to come alongside.

  • Listing of external professional team (accountants, attorneys)

  • Summary of financial projections with assumptions; valuation with assumptions; cap table, use of proceeds.

  • Revenue projections (with detailed versions available for subsequent discussions)

  • A sales/marketing/distribution/competitive overview

  • Due Diligence readiness

  • Exit plan (and rationale for exit strategy options)


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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